3rd Graders Get It!: Save Our Bees

The hallways of my daughter’s elementary school are so covered in kid-made posters and so crowded with actual kids and parents after school, that I usually notice very little on my way to her classroom to pick her up.  But something caught my eye this week. I spied the words Colony Collapse Disorder on a marker-drawn poster! What?! I then discovered several more posters about how to save our bees throughout the halls. It turns out that a 3rd grade class had done a project on the ways we can all help save our bees.

Feast your eyes on a few of these lovelies.

Kid poster buy organic
Buy organic to help the bees!
Kid poster save the bees
A very sad bee covered in vorroa mites.

kid poster no pesticides
You can help by not buying pesticides
Kid Poster Colony Collapse
Top ten flowers that will help the bees


kid poster save bees
“What the heck?”, says a stick person.

3rd Graders Get It!

Actually all ages of kids get it! The problems we are having with the honey bee populations in our world are very easy to understand. Adults have made it complicated. All you need to know is in these posters. Seriously. Here is what I learned, just from these posters, in the kids’ words directly quoted from the posters:

  1. Pesticides weaken the bees immune systems, which kills the bees.
  2. If we don’t help the bees now, bees will die and a few years later, we will follow.
  3. Don’t buy pesticides, when it gets on the bees it kills the bees.
  4. Buying organic helps the bees because organic farmers don’t use pesticides
  5. Plant bee friendly flowers! The top ten flowers that will help the bees are cosmos, asters, sunflowers, lavender, marigolds, primulas, rudbeckia, bluebells, hellebore, scabiosa.
  6. “Help us! You’re our only hope,” says a bee!
  7. Colony Collapse Disorder is the phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony start to die off.

A third grader might have some questions after learning about bees.

They might wonder why we continue to use pesticides in farming and at home when we know they are killing bees and seriously damaging our ecosystem as we know it?

Who could possibly be ok with this scenario?

Why aren’t the grownups in charge stopping this?

And these would be very good questions indeed!

Go kids! Go Bees!


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